Nicholson McLaren Aviation

NMA holds UK CAA, EASA Third Country & FAA Approvals

Barry joined Nicholson McLaren 3 years ago following his retirement from McLaren where he worked for most of his career. That included being one of the senior engineers for Ayrton Senna. As a surprise, we arranged lunch for a number of his ex McLaren colleagues (some still working at McLaren looking after heritage cars) and coincidently we have just received 2 x Cosworth engines to rebuild after being in storage for 30+ years.
Barry in the middle talking to Steve Nichols about car setup, in this instance we’re discussing ride height.
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Barry is kneeling by the side of the car, Ayrton is asking about the rear of the car.
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Barry is behind Alain’s right shoulder.
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Barry is standing off of Alain’s right shoulder.
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Barry on the right, looking down at the front wing.
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This is a pit stop in the Italian GP ( Monza), Barry is kneeling down by the front left wheel.
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