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Champion Slick magneto overhaul / 500hr inspection

Champion Slick magneto overhaul and 500hr inspection by Nicholson McLaren Aviation

All slick magneto overhauls, repairs and 500Hr Inspections are carried out I.A.W Champion Aerospace latest maintenance and overhaul manual, all work done to your magneto whether it’s for overhaul, 500hr inspection and repairs / fault finding will always be carried out to the highest standards following the procedures laid out within this manual. While your magneto is being serviced with us all service bulletins (SB) and airworthiness directives (AD) will be checked and embodied if required.

Your magneto will start off by being received by our stores department, they will book your magneto in, taking note of the correct part number, serial number, whether CAA, FAA or EASA Release is required and what work is required for your specific repair order. A unique job number is then created, and the magneto is handed over to our dedicated magneto department.

Once the magneto department receives your job, they will start by double checking all information received and make sure no discrepancies are noted with the paperwork or work required. The magneto will then have a preliminary test run to verify the mechanical and electrical operation, this is done to check parts are operating normally. If rough running or a dead magneto is found the engineers will have a good idea of what parts will initially need inspecting first.


After testing disassembly is done as per the Champion Slick Magneto overhaul manual 6.0. Your magneto will get its own box marked with the Project number and will remain in this box during its entire journey through our workshop to prevent any cross contamination of parts. Next the magneto will have any drive gears removed and marked if they are of the double keyway type, this is done to ensure they are replaced in the same orientation so to make magneto to engine installation / timing easier. The top cover will then be removed, and the condenser / capacitor wire and any tacho or retard points leads will then be carefully disconnected, a quick visual inspection of the internals will then take place making sure all parts are where they should be. The distributer block will then be removed and split giving access to the distributer gear and carbon brush assembly. The small distributer gear will then be removed and for a 500hr inspection the final step is to disconnect the coil lead from the points and removed and discard the points and cam assembly. During an overhaul the disassembly procedure carries on, the next stage is to remove the coil by disconnecting the earth lead and removing the retaining wedges, the bearing cap screws are then removed, and the rotor gets pushed out of the main housing of the magneto, the bearings are then removed from the housing and rotor and discarded along with the oil seal. After disassembly your magneto will be cleaned ready for the inspection process.


All parts will then be inspected as per the Champion Slick Magneto overhaul manual, this includes visual and dimensional inspection of all components to check for serviceability, during overhaul the housings will also get NDT inspected using the dye penetrant inspection method to check for cracks and flaws withing the magneto frame. At this point we will Receive the parts from our large Stock holding of Champion spare parts to complete the assembly stage.


The magneto at 500hr inspection will be laid out with all piece parts and will be assembled I.A.W. Champion Slick Magneto overhaul manual. This includes the points being re-timed (setting the e-gap) small gear installation, re-lubrication of the distributer block and gear and install of the carbon brush, the block and gear then gets fitted to the magneto frame and the timing verified with timing pin and synchroniser a quick rotational check and the top cover gets refitted, last but not least the impulse is lubricated and fitted to the magneto and off to the test rig it goes. During overhaul the NEW bearings will be installed with the rotating magnet and checked for freedom of rotation, a NEW coil will also be installed and then the magneto re-assembly process carries in the same manner as a 500hr inspection or repair.


During testing we will verify the mechanical and electrical operation of the magneto by carrying out visual checks making sure the magneto produces a spark at every terminal constantly and record the RPM, if an impulse is fitted the coming in speed is recorded, a high speed out and endurance test will be carried out as required. Once our Fully trained engineers are 100% Satisfied your magneto tests are satisfactory a CAA, FAA or EASA Form one Release to service will be raised. Your magneto will be returned to stores and packaged up awaiting it return to your aircraft for many hours of happy trouble free flying.

All parts replaced during an overhaul compared with your 500hr inspection:

500hr inspection:

  • Points and cam get discarded and any other parts that fail to meet manual specification.

The Champion Aerospace Manual states the parts below are mandatory replacement parts to be replaced at overhaul:

  • Condenser
  • Double sealed bearing
  • Bearing cap assembly
  • Coil
  • Oil seal
  • Contact point kit
  • Rotor gear
  • Distributor block and gear
  • Woodruff key(s) cotter pin
  • Washer
  • Impulse coupling (where applicable)
  • Impulse coupling spring (where applicable)
champion slick magneto overhaul

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