Nicholson McLaren Aviation holds UK CAA, EASA Third Country & FAA Approvals


Hartzell Engine Technologies

  • 200, 201 & 202 Series engine driven Fuel Pumps
  • Turbo Charge Controllers – Wastegate Controller, Absolute Pressure Controller, Pressure Relief Valve, Variable Absolute Controller, Density Controller, Differential Pressure Controller, Sloped Controller, Absolute Controller

All Fuel and Turbo-system components as listed above, can be overhauled, repaired and calibrated by Nicholson McLaren Aviation and are overhauled in accordance with Hartzell Engine Technologies Recommended Service Facility (RSF) requirements. Specifically, these RSF requirements are:

  • All components are overhauled in accordance with the most recent component maintenance manual revision Checked through online subscription so all the latest data is used and complied with.
  • Only original Hartzell Engine Technology manufactured components are installed during the overhaul process
  • With our in-house capability and large stock holding we can usually carry out overhaul or repairs in 3-4 days.
  • Product liability insurance applies to all Fuel and turbo-system components overhauled by NMA.

All overhauled Fuel and Turbo-system components have a two-year, 500-hour warranty against material and workmanship defects.

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Based in Berkshire NMA has the facility to design components, build engines, develop existing engines, manufacture and maintain or repair aviation engines.

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