Nicholson McLaren Aviation holds UK CAA, EASA Third Country & FAA Approvals

TCM/Bendix Magnetos

We can overhaul, repair, diagnose and carry out 500Hr inspections on TCM/Bendix including the Bendix Dual Magneto, this can be carried out alone or as part of an engine overhaul, shockload or overspeed.

All our Magnetos are released after a full in-house test on our Magneto test bench.

All TCM/Bendix Magnetos we carry out 500 Hour inspected or overhaul are in accordance with the most recent component maintenance manual revision Checked through online subscription so all the latest data is used and complied with.

We carry a full and comprehensive stock of spares allowing us to provide 500 Hr inspections in a 1-2 day lead time and overhauls in 3-5 Days.

Product liability insurance applies to all Magnetos overhauled by NMA.

All overhauled Magnetos have a two-year, 500-hour warranty against material and workmanship defects.

Nicholson McLaren Aviation also owns a growing stock of new and overhaul exchange Magnetos.

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Based in Berkshire NMA has the facility to design components, build engines, develop existing engines, manufacture and maintain or repair aviation engines.

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