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Precision engineering

Nicholson McLaren Engines Ltd has recently invested in two new CNC Machines. We now have an XYZ SMX4000 CNC Milling Machine and an XYZ Proturn SLX 355 CNC Lathe.

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SMX 4000 milling machine

This 1000mm ‘X’ travel machine offers massive capacity.

  • 7.5HP variable speed head
  • 58” x 14” (1470 x 356mm) table
  • 40” x 23 1/2” x 23” (1000 x 596 x 540mm) travel

This 3 axis CNC offers the latest ProtoTRAK® technology. Canned cycles include pockets of every shape conceivable, pockets with islands, thread milling, bolt hole patterns, drilling, tapping and boring. Age profiling means no more calculations! With the unique ‘guess’ key, if a dimension is missing from the drawing simply ‘guess’ the approximate position of a point or intersection, 3-D surfacing with on-board DNC and the capability to handle virtually unlimited program size.

Proturn SLX 355 lathe

  • Swing over bed 360mm
  • Spindle bore 52mm
  • Distance between centres 1000mm
  • Max 4000 rpm

When making parts in small quantities, set-up is where much of your time is spent. Therefore set-up accounts for the majority of the cost (not to mention the majority of your headaches). ProtoTRAK drastically reduces the amount of time spent in set-up. It combines the simplicity and flexibility of manual machining with the capability of making arcs, angles and circles just like CNCs, saving you time and liberating you from drudgery.

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Jones and Shipman Grinder

Precision production surface, Profile and creepfeed grinder 600 x 200mm table capacity table mounted indexer mounted longitudinally, with full servo axis interpolating or non-interpolation for gear and spline grinding applications.


The team at NME have had many years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality components for the motor sport industry. We are capable of programming to customer requirements from base design or file types via e-mail.

Maximum working Length 1.0m, maximum working diameter 350mm, programmable “C” Axis polygons, eccentric diameters and cam lobes between centres and chuck capabilities specialising in crank and cam grinding.

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